Overview: Endpoint Security

What is an MDM?

Mobile Device Management is any software that allows IT to automate, control, and secure administrative policies on laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other device connected to an organization’s network.


Is an MDM required?

A Mobile Device Manager (MDM) is not a hard requirement for any framework however, it simplifies the requirements for device management within the company. We recommend getting an MDM solution because it simplifies enforcing requirements (i.e. OS patching, anti-malware management, configuration management, etc.) for each employee's device.


What MDM's does Secureframe Integrate with?

Secureframe has integrations with many different MDM providers. Below you will see the MDM's we currently support. (Note: see our full list of Integrations here.)

To find out more about some popular MDM tools Secureframe integrates with, please follow the article links below:

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Popular MDMs

Not using an MDM?

Secureframe offers the Secureframe Agent, free for our customers to use. The Secureframe Agent is a read-only agent designed to help your organization be secure by reporting on key device settings. To read more on the Secureframe Agent, please follow the link below:

How does the Secureframe Agent work? 

Who should install the MDM?

If utilizing an MDM, it should be installed on all company-issued devices (mobile and tablets can be left out of scope)

  • All employees will need to have an MDM in place.
  • Contractors that do not have access to the production environment or sensitive customer information (information beyond customer name or basic information) are out of scope for the MDM solution.

What are the recommended MDM settings?

  • Enable remote lock (default for most MDM software)
  • Enable hard disk encryption (i.e. FileVault)
  • Require OS updates to be installed
  • Require automatic software updates
  • Require anti-virus / anti-malware
    • Windows Defender
    • MacOS XProtect (on by default)
  • Start screensaver on after: 15 minutes
  • Require password
    • Require alphanumeric / complex password
    • Minimum password length: 8 characters
    • Maximum grace period: immediately
    • Maximum password age: 6 months
    • Install 1Password as a custom application if available


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