Logging into Secureframe via OAuth or username/password

Administrators on Secureframe have a few options to initiate their access to their platform. 

If you have received an email from hello@secureframe.com, you can click the embedded link. Alternatively, you can navigate to app.secureframe.com/signup

From there, you can use our Single Sign On (SSO) feature to log in and kick off the integration for your company’s business suite! Once the integration has been made using the SSO feature, all other admins will be able to simply sign in using your business suite’s SSO function. 



A few things to keep in mind: 

Office 365: The initial connection must be made by an account with the highest admin permission on your O365 business suite. This is also known as a Global admin. 

You will need to accept all permissions requested by Secureframe in order to establish the integration with your business suite. 

If you do not have the highest admin permission on your business suite you can generate a password to access the platform. You should navigate to app.secureframe.com/password and enter your business email address. You will receive an email instructing you on next steps from hello@secureframe.com.

Note: You will have 3 attempts at logging in using your business email and password before being locked out. The lock out period will last for 1 hour before you can try again.

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