The Secureframe Agent

Secureframe Agent is a read-only agent designed to help your organization be secure by reporting on key device settings.

These operating system versions are supported:

OS Supported version(s)
MacOS 10.12+
Windows 10+
Linux CentOS 7.1+, Ubuntu 16.04+

How does it work?
Secureframe agent runs as a background process that periodically checks in with Secureframe servers to report on device configurations such as whether Firewall is enabled and the strength of your device's Password Policy.

The data being sent to Secureframe is the minimum information required to determine if a device is compliant.

What data do you monitor on my device?
We pull over a dozen values on generic device data such as:

  • Make & Model
  • Operating System
  • Serial Number
  • Memory & CPU
  • Device name & Device Owner Name

As well as the following device settings:

  • Hard Drive Encryption
  • Password Policy
  • Firewall
  • Native Anti-Virus
    • Not supported for Debian Linux
  • Screen Lock (aka Session Timeout)
    • Not supported for Debian Linux

Note: As specified above, some checks may not be pulled in due to operating system limitations. 


How do I download the Secureframe Agent?

  • Login to Secureframe and visit the Employee Onboarding page
  • From the left side bar, click the Agent Installation stepagent.jpg
  • Choose the operating system from the selection and click Download Agent 
  • Click complete once the Agent has been downloaded

NOTE: Each device must use its own unique install package. In other words, please do not download and use the same install package on multiple devices. That may cause a conflict on reporting device status.


How do I know if the agent downloaded successfully?

After a user downloads the agent, an Admin will need to manually sync the Secureframe Agent Integration via Integrations > Secureframe Agent > Sync to see the device populate into the Asset Inventory table immediately. Otherwise, the Secureframe Agent Integration will sync automatically daily at which point the device will populate into the Asset Inventory.

Will this let my employer spy on me?
Absolutely not. Please review the above information for the data that Secureframe shares with your employer via the Secureframe Agent.


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