How to uninstall the Secureframe Agent

Once you have uninstalled the Secureframe Agent from a Device, monitor the "Last check-in" date of the device to determine if it was successfully uninstalled. When "Last check-in" is greater than 30 days we can delete the device from the application. Deleting the device before this 30 day window will result in the device re-populating in the Asset Inventory.


Use the "Add or remove programs" dialog to remove “Fleet osquery." It might also be named "Orbit Osquery" for older versions of the agent.


Open the Terminal App and run the cleanup script below one line at a time:

sudo launchctl stop com.fleetdm.orbit
sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.fleetdm.orbit.plist

sudo pkill fleet-desktop || true
sudo rm -rf /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.fleetdm.orbit.plist /var/lib/orbit /usr/local/bin/orbit /var/log/orbit /opt/orbit/


Uninstall the package with the corresponding package manager:

  • Ubuntu
sudo apt remove fleet-osquery -y

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