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Data privacy laws continue to evolve and are impacting businesses across the world. Businesses are responsible for meeting the increasing demands of these laws and regulations to ensure the personal data of their customers and clients is safeguarded. To meet these data privacy requirements, many organizations want control of where their data is stored, known as data residency.

Secureframe now offers data residency for European customers. With this addition, European customers have the flexibility to choose where their data is stored and processed so they can further ensure data privacy of their customers, and easily achieve and maintain compliance with privacy standards like GDPR.



  • What are my data residency options?

    • AWS US-East-1 or AWS London. By choosing the data center location that meets your business and compliance needs you can confidently meet the requirements of data privacy frameworks and build a strong security compliance posture. 

  • Does Secureframe have a European team?

    • We have a growing European team located in the UK to support you from your first day using the Secureframe platform, through a successful audit, and after to ensure you’re maintaining a strong security compliance posture.
  • Do you have European partners that can assist us with our compliance program?

    • Our trusted partner ecosystem provides the additional support and services you need to achieve your compliance goals. Our list of partners located in Europe is constantly growing so you can easily find a local Secureframe trusted partner including vCISOs, auditors, and more.
  • How can I choose my data residency region?

    • During the sales process you can indicate to your Account Executive which data region you would like to have your data reside in.
  • Are there any differences in features or functionality between the regions?

    • No. While the two regions are completely separate, they have the same features and functionality.
  • Is there a different login page for each region?

    • No. Secureframe has a unified login page at which will login users to their instance of Secureframe, regardless of which region they're hosted in.
  • How does Secureframe handle backups?

    • Backups are stored and remain within each region and are not transferred between regions.
  • Do you offer data residency in other regions?

    • (Coming soon!) - The London data center is only the first addition. In the future we will have more data centers in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific regions to provide more data residency options around the world.


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